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lubegardlogoLUBEGARD® 2 Cycle Oil is a high performance 2-cycle oil that contains Liquid Wax Esters (LXE®). A premium oil designed as a high temperature lubricant to reduce friction, heat, and wear. It minimizes carbon deposits and contains a no-ash oil formula that reduces spark plug fouling.

At Riverside Transmission, Inc. we stock Lubegard 2 cycle oil. By using Lubegard 2 cycle oil, we have found that there is virtually no engine wear, or carbon deposits compared to other oils.

Below are pics of a 260 Merc off shore engine with 640 gallons of fuel run threw it. As you can see there is virtually no wear.

There was minimum carbon build up on the pistons and no carbon build up under the rings. There was also a nice oil residue on all of the cylinder walls even after sitting for five months.
All the moving parts had a nice oil residue even after sitting for five months.